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christmas hampers from triarchy press

Two hampers of books at discounted prices


Outside the Hamper

Four lovely things for people with heart, soul, body or mind.
(hamper not included)

A Game:

OnQ gameOn Q
(published at £18.00)
A 'talking game' for friends and family, as well as teams, trainers, managers and consultants. Bridge cultural and generation gaps and find common interests where there might seem to be none. Produce it at Christmas, leave it on the kitchen table or open a meeting or workshop with it.
HEART: For anyone who’d rather stay talking round the dinner table than go and check their emails.

A Little, Square Book:

Ten Things to Do in a Conceptual EmergencyTen Things to Do in a Conceptual Emergency
(published at £10)
10 ways to take more effective and responsible action in a world we do not understand and cannot control. With inspiring case studies from IFF’s work around the world. Insightful, playful and engagingly illustrated, this is a gem of a book for anyone concerned about the future of our planet. IFF restores practical hope and provokes wise initiative.
SOUL: For anyone who talks seriously about the future

A Little, Grey Book:

Nine Ways of Seeing a BodyNine Ways of Seeing a Body
(published at £12.50)
The body, you might think, is the body. But it can be seen as: a vehicle for carrying the mind about; a barrier against the world; that which gives me my sense of self; a way of experiencing the world; what joins me to my surroundings. Sandra Reeve teaches 'daily life movement' as a way for 'ordinary people' to identify and change habits, attitudes and erceptions.
BODY: For someone psychologically or movement minded.

A Remarkable Book:

(published at £28)
Mythogeography is a way of thinking differently about the places we visit and a way of walking with fresh eyes through own home towns and cities. The idea of Mythogeography is influenced by psychogeography and it draws on the imagination, metaphor, ‘drifting’ and the dérive. Think of it as a manual for walking sideways through the world.
MIND: For clever people who tend to get bored on holiday.

Keep the game/book that appeals most and give the others to friends, family or colleagues (ideas in red).
Outside the Hamper (all 3 books + the game) costs £34.25
(separately its contents would cost £68.50). Add cliché about making Scrooge happy. (REMEMBER: The hamper's not included)


The Curious Hamper

4 Introductions to Wonderful Things for Curious People

Systems Thinking for Curious Managers

Systems Thinking for Curious ManagersRuss Ackoff, et al.
(published at £18)
The perfect introduction for anyone that you think needs to know about systems thinking and its application to work and organisations. Has guides to things like feedback, learning, messes, synthesis, interconnectedness, change and self-organization, as well as a full list of Russ Ackoff’s 120+ systems thinking ‘f-laws’.
An introduction to Systems Thinking.

Adventures in Complexity

Adventures in ComplexityLesley Kuhn
(published at £20)
Complexity theory embraces uncertainty and change, using terms like non-equilibrium and turbulence to show that systems at ‘the edge of chaos’ are most likely to exhibit creative, innovative responses. In the current climate many organisations may feel near the edge of chaos without realising that this is where the greatest potential for success lies.
An introduction to Complexity.

Organising and Disorganising

Organising and DisorganisingMichael Thompson
(published at £25)
There are 5 ways of organising things: the hierarchical, the egalitarian, the individualistic, the fatalistic and the autonomous. Michael Thompson explains this view (known as Cultural Theory) with reference to Arsenal Football Club, Himalayan villages and Swiss forests. It’s a fascinating and well-respected theory that deserves to be much better known – it will change the way anyone looks at organisations.
An introduction to Cultural Theory.

The Three Ways of Getting Things Done

The Three Ways of Getting Things DoneGerard Fairtlough
(published at £20)
Hierarchy isn’t the only way to structure and run an organisation - even though we may think we’re hard-wired for hierarchy, it’s often extremely inefficient. Here the former head of Shell Chemicals and Celltech puts the case for a better way of running businesses: Triarchy Theory.
An introduction to Triarchy Theory.

Keep the book that appeals most and give the others to friends, family or colleagues.
The CuriousHamper (all 4 books) costs £41.50
(separately its contents would cost £83.00). Add cliché about making Scrooge happy. (REMEMBER: The hamper's not included)


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